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Terms and Conditions

Airline Bookings
The following terms and conditions apply to Airline Bookings:

All quotations are subject to availability of services quoted and are not guaranteed until the booking is confirmed and all electronic tickets have been issued. All prices are subject to change and availability may be withdrawn without notice.

Final Payment:
Final payment is required at time of booking.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation of your booking is subject to the fare/booking condition. Cancellation of your booking may incur charges, which could be 100% of your booking, regardless if travel has commenced. Additional fees or charges will apply for the cancellation of your booking. If Hyderbad Travel & Tours incurs any liability for a cancellation fee, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of the fee. Bookings cancelled within 2 days of departure are non-refundable. Cancellations must be in writing and should be addressed to Hyderbad Travel & Tours.

Amendment Fees:
If you change your itinerary after full payment and final documents are issued, an administration fee of AUD$150.00 will apply per domestic ticket. If you change your itinerary after full payment and final documents are issued, an administration fee of AUD$150.00 will apply per International ticket. If you require a minor name change a processing fee of AUD$150.00 per person applies to each ticket. Minor name changes take approximately 2 hours of the consultant’s time to complete.

Please note that most airlines treat name changes and route and/or itinerary changes as full cancellation and are non-refundable once purchased. All fees above are Hyderbad Travel & Tours processing fees and exclude any airline or third party fees.

Change of Itinerary After Travel Has Commenced:
Any alteration or cancellation of services after your travel has commenced can incur penalties. Air travel itinerary changes, if permitted by the fare, may have a change fee charged by the airline typically ranging between $100 and $250 AUD per ticket that will vary by market, carrier and specific fare rule. In addition, any changes made with Hyderbad Travel & Tours to your itinerary will incur further charges or cancellation fee.

Credit Card Authorisation Requirements:
Due to on-line credit card fraud you may receive a request from Hyderbad Travel & Tours for additional information regarding your credit card and booking. This process is to protect the safety and security of the card holder and Hyderbad Travel & Tours. You are required to supply sufficient identification to confirm that you are the card holder and / or that you have the permission of the card holder to make your purchase. You will be required to submit this information within a reasonable time frame. Failure to submit the additional required information may result in the airline cancelling your booking. Credit Card fees are non-refundable and will not be refunded in the event that the airline cancels your reservation.

It is not illegal for Hyderbad Travel & Tours to request this information and is simply protecting the card holder and Hyderbad Travel & Tours from fraudulent activity.

No Guarantee is provided or warranted that any refund will be available. All refund requests must be in writing and made directly to Hyderbad Travel & Tours as the agent. All refunds have a processing fee of AUD $150.00 per ticket plus any additional fees charged by the airlines, hotels any other provider. Refunds will not be provided for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather or illness; these must be claimed through your travel insurance. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Hyderbad Travel & Tours, regardless of reason and can take up to 12 weeks.

Entry/Exit Fees:
If you are travelling internationally, some countries or airports charge fees upon entering and/or exiting the country. These fees are not included in the ticket price, or the taxes and fees we display on our website prior to purchase.

Baggage and Other Ancillary Airline Fees:
The airlines may require you to pay additional fees for certain services and/ or if you exceed certain limits as dictated by the airline, such as the number of bags or weight allowed, and some airlines do not offer a free baggage allowance. Ancillary Airline Fees may be applicable. Meals, entertainment, seating and additional items may require payment of additional fees directly with the airline which may not be available via Hyderbad Travel & Tours and additional fees may be payable directly with the airline. Hyderbad Travel & Tours shall not be held responsible for these additional fees under any circumstance.

Hotel Bookings

General Terms and Conditions

Check In: Upon check-in, guests must present a valid ID and credit card or, in the hotel's discretion, debit card, in their name that is consistent with the transactional details provided to (the amount of available credit required will vary by hotel). Debit cards may not be accepted.

Double Occupancy:

All hotel reservations are guaranteed for double occupancy (one double bed or two twin beds).

Late Arrival and Failure to Check-in on First Night:

While you should contact Hyderbad Travel & Tours if you wish to cancel a cancellable reservation in advance of your stay, if you are going to be delayed on your date of check in or find that you cannot check in to your hotel on the date you requested, you should contact the hotel to let them know. If you fail to check in to your hotel on the day of your reservation and do not alert the hotel, the remaining portion of your reservation may be cancelled and you may not be entitled for a refund, depending on the terms and conditions of the applicable hotel.

Cancellations and Changes to Your Reservation:

Hotel cancellation policies vary. Certain reservations are non-cancellable and non-changeable. Others require you to pay a penalty if you cancel. Still others are fully refundable. Check the hotel cancellation policy when you book. If changes to your pre-paid reservation are allowed, any changes to a pre-paid reservation are only permitted as a cancellation and booking of a new reservation.

Passport and Visas

It is your responsibility to ensure that all relevant documents are obtained; valid and set minimum validity requirements are met. Different countries require different documents and validity period. You must ensure that their requirements are met before you travel. Hyderbad Travel & Tours does not accept liability for incorrect documents or misinformation you receive. Travel delay or cancellation may be incurred if you do not obtain the correct required documents or hold valid documents for your period of travel. You are required to hold a valid passport for international travel with a minimum of 6 months from the date of return travel. Some countries may require a longer validity or a machine-readable passport.

Travel Advice

It is your responsibility to obtain travel advice. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offer travel advice at for information relating to the requirement of pre-registration of the visa waiver program. If you do not meet the ESTA requirements you may be required to obtain a visa for your travel.

Special Requirements

You can advise at the time of booking of any special requirements or contact our customer centre. Our best efforts will be made to accommodate your requirements but are the responsibility of the service provider.

Airline Schedule Changes & Rules

Schedule changes are common. It is your responsibility to ensure you contact the airline prior to departure to ensure you are aware of any changes.

Checked In Baggage

It is your responsibility to ensure you have purchased the correct baggage allowance if applicable. Some airlines require you to purchase an amount of baggage allowance you require prior to check-in. Additional fees may apply if no baggage is purchased prior to departure or at a time other than at time of booking. Not all airlines charge for baggage. Excess baggage may be charged by the relevant airline if you exceed the permissible baggage allowance. You must fully understand your baggage allowance applicable with your fare rule.

Electronic Notification

To the extent that we need to contact you, you agree that we may do so via any electronic means, including but not limited to communications posted on this Site or electronic mail.

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